Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo, May 19 to 20 R...

See Cord King at the NEFPEE May 19 to 20 in Bangor, Maine

We're excited to bring our firewood processors to the Northeastern Forest Products Equipment Expo this May in Bangor, Maine! This two-day event is a must for the agriculture and forest[...]

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The Benefits of Burning Firewood

How Firewood Processing and Burning Can Be Beneficial For Homeowners and The Environment

Fireplaces are an exceptional heating source for homes, giving off warmth and providing a comforting atmosphere. Do you have a fireplace, or are you conside[...]

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3 Tips for Choosing a Log Splitting Machine

Find the Right Log Splitting Machine to Suit Your Firewood Needs

If you’re in the market for a log splitting machine that will provide sufficient yields of high-quality firewood, forget the axe and explore the many options for log splitting mach[...]

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2017 Loggers Plus Expo – April 21 to 22 in Bloomsburg, PA

See Cord King at the 2017 Loggers Plus Expo This April

Cord King will be an exhibitor at the 2017 Loggers Plus Expo, held in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania on April 21 and 22. Learn more about our highly productive firewood processors and equipment by[...]

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Log Processors Promote Sustainable Forestry

How a Firewood Log Processor Can Help Residents Make the Most of Local Renewable Resources

Firewood is a renewable resource that relies on responsible forestry. Without responsible forestry, there are risks of deforestation. However, with carefu[...]

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Dubai WoodShow – March 2017

See Cord King at the Dubai WoodShow, March 7 to 9 2017

We're excited to bring the world's fastest and most productive firewood processors to the Dubai WoodShow in March. Cord King will be an exhibitor at this international tradeshow in March. [...]

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The Many Benefits of Firewood Processors

How a Firewood Processor Can Help You Keep You Warm and More

Winter weather brings with it higher energy costs as homeowners work to keep things warm. Too often, though, these homeowners are stuck paying steep bills, especially in rural areas. T[...]

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Getting the Most Out of your Wood Processor Accessories

Firewood Tumblers and Other Accessories Add Greater Flexibility and Control to Your Final Product

Wood processor accessories, such as firewood tumblers, can be used with a variety of wood processor machines to clean, separate, bag, and have comp[...]

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Oregon Logging Conference – February 2017

See Cord King at the Oregon Logging Conference

Looking to learn more about Cord King? You're in luck - Cord King will be at the Oregon Logging Conference in the new year! The 79th annual Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) is taking place in Euge[...]

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