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Firewood Tumblers and Other Accessories Add Greater Flexibility and Control to Your Final Product

Wood processor accessories, such as firewood tumblers, can be used with a variety of wood processor machines to clean, separate, bag, and have complete control over the final product. Certain wood processor accessories allow you to get the most out of your wood processing by reducing waste and producing even more firewood products, such as kindling. For example, a firewood tumbler will separate smaller wood from larger pieces and create kindling out of the smaller wood. The kindling can then be bagged or bundled and sold with the larger firewood.

Get the Most Out of Your Firewood

Wood processors are very customizable, consider these accessories to get the job working for you:

18 & 28-Way Box Wedges:

Box Wedges allow you to cut firewood into 18 or 28 pieces and provide various sizes of firewood to meet the needs of your customers. Box wedges use less power while providing more firewood output.

Auto Split Machines:

An Automatic Splitting Machine produces kindling quickly. Scrap wood and smaller wood pieces can be easily split and bagged for sale and distribution.

Debris Conveyors:

Debris Conveyors automatically clean up debris from below debris hoppers, keeping messes to a minimum while collecting small wood pieces that can be used for kindling.

Dual Drive Live Decks:

If you have two rows of 8’ logs, a Dual Drive Live Deck will provide you with separate control of the two rows. Dual Drive Live Decks will also give you better control of full-length logs.

Electric Motors:

Electric Motors are an optional add-on for wood processors. Electric Motors are more efficient than diesel engines because they rely on an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Diesel engines are more reliable in locations without access to electricity.

Firewood Grapples:

Firewood Grapples are used to assist logs properly down the infeed conveyor. Grapples are especially useful for crooked logs and misshaped logs with large knots.

Firewood Tumblers:

Firewood tumblers, such as the Tumble King Debris Tumbler, separate various sizes of debris from firewood, from sawdust to small pieces of wood that can be sold as kindling.

Debris Separators:

Debris Separators separate and remove up to 80 percent of debris from trucks and wood piles. These separators also clean wood, separate kindling, and use debris pans to move debris into receptacles.

Offloading Conveyors:

Offloading conveyors come in various sizes to meet your firewood processing needs—i.e. integrated or standalone, with swivel axles to provide efficient wood piling.

Wood processor accessories can make your firewood processing operation run smoothly while allowing you to meet the various needs of your customers. Get the most out of your firewood with accessories, like a firewood tumbler, to separate and package kindling for sale alongside your larger firewood.

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