Learn More About North America’s
First Commercial Firewood Processor

The Cord King firewood processor was first invented in 1974.  By 1978, the first commercial firewood processor in North America was built. Based in Perth, Ontario, Canada, Cord King was engineered for excellence and manufactured to supply a need for a machine that was both easy to use and reliable.

Now, forty years later, Cord King has grown from its humble origins into an industry leader and highly respected manufacturer of high-quality firewood processors and accessories.

With less than half the moving parts of other firewood processors on the market, a Cord King firewood processor needs a fraction of the maintenance, giving you more production time. Cord King machines hold their value for years to come thanks to their heavy-duty construction.

Now in use in over 16 countries across the globe, and with over 20,000 machines built, Cord King has set itself apart by providing a user-friendly and innovative machine that can produce–at a minimum–4 full cords of wood per hour. The numbers only go up from there!

Commercial Firewood Processor

For The Customer

With a selection of 7 circular saw models and a range of 3 harvester bar saw-equipped models, choosing Cord King means you’re choosing a product that you can depend on to get the job done. With this variety of machines, Cord King has something to fit your budget. At Cord King, it all starts with the customer: we believe that each and every machine should meet your needs to the T. That’s why we take pride in offering fully customizable, built-to-spec firewood processors. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Built To Spec

Cord King builds firewood processors to your specifications. Because all components are fabricated in-house, customizing your processor is never an issue. Starting with raw material, we build your machine from the ground up. When you buy a processor from Cord King, you’re getting a product built to your exact needs and specifications. From bearings and gas tanks to cabs and controls, we build each part entirely on-site.


The Manufacturing Process