Bar Saw Firewood Processors

The Cord King M-Series models have the highest production rate in their category, thanks to their standard .404 harvester bar saw, available in lengths ranging from 24” to 32”. Builtbuilt entirely from scratch (we buy raw metal and manufacture all components on-site), the M-Series can be outfitted with power plants ranging from 35 HP gas to 66 HP turbo diesel, and can be customized with PTO tractor-driven or 3 phase electric power. The M-Series models are heavy-duty commercial firewood processors, capable of producing between 1.5 to 5 full cords of fire wood per hour to ensure maximum productivity.


Each model is available with a 4-, 6-, or 8-way hydraulically adjustable splitting system – Cord King is the only company in the world that provides a lifetime warranty on the entire splitter chamber for the original owner. Cord King is also the only company in the world that offers 100% trade-in value within 12 months of the original purchase towards the acquisition of a larger CS-Series model.

And of course, like all Cord King firewood processors, the M-Series can be custom-built to your specifications.

Cord King M14-18
Cord King M18-20
Cord King M20-30
Cord King M24-30
Cord King Monster Splitter