Circular Saw Models

When you need to produce, the Cord King CS-Series is ready to meet and exceed your needs. Proven to have the highest production rate on the planet, our CS-Series firewood log processors use a carbide tooth slasher saw to cut quickly and efficiently. With an industry leading cut-to-cut cycle time of 3 to 5 seconds, these circular saw processors can produce between 4 and 10 full cords of wood per hour. The durable circular saws we use only require a sharpening between every 1,000 and 1,500 cords of produced firewood.


All models come equipped with 50 to 127 HP diesel engines, with optional PTO tractor driven or 3 phase electric power also available. These processors are also the only ones available with a 4- to 28-way hydraulically adjustable splitting system. The splitting chamber is also backed by a full lifetime warranty for the original owner, a warranty you’ll only find at Cord King.

And of course, like all Cord King equipment, the CS-Series can be custom-built to your exact specifications and needs.

Cord King CS 18-30 (Model 40)
Cord King CS16-30 (Model 36)
Cord King CS20-30 (Model 44)
Cord King CS20-40 (Model 48)
Cord King CS2030-HO (Model 44-HO)
Cord King CS23-40 (Model 54)
Cord King CS27-40 (Model 60)
Cord King Monster Splitter