It’s never been easier to get a Cord King firewood processor. With flexible options that include firewood processor payment plans that let you lease-to-own, you can get the firewood equipment you need and get to work as soon as possible. Best of all, we can help you set up financing to ensure you’re getting a machine you need a price that works for you – all with no down payment.

Easy Financing

Pay in easy installments or finance your purchase to get your processor as soon as possible. With easy payment options, you’ve got more money to work with monthly and can easily pay off months in advance. We also offer a deferred payment option, meaning that you don’t have to make a single payment until your production season starts. Don’t worry about a down payment, either – the equipment you buy serves as your equity. Our financing options are flexible to help you get behind the controls of our firewood equipment as soon as possible.


Get the equipment you need fast with a customized lease-to-own plan. Closely related to regular financing, scheduled payments give you more cash to work with month-to-month, letting you scale your work up or down to meet demand. You’ve also got the freedom to add further features and accessories to your Cord King processor. Plus, once your payments are up, you keep the machine!

Tax Benefits

It’s common for businesses to get income tax benefits when they lease equipment – depending on your situation, a firewood processor lease can be claimed as a business expense, putting more money back in your pocket at tax time. As always, speak to your financial advisor to see what you can claim on your tax return before making a decision.