Reasons to Use a Firewood Machine

Burning wood in a fireplace or campfire can bring back fond memories of camping trips or cozy moments at home. To make the best of these moments, it is important to have properly seasoned wood that will burn hot with little smoke. The best way to achieve this product is using a firewood machine to split logs into usable pieces that are properly seasoned. If you are in the businesses of firewood or restocking at home, then a firewood processor might be the game changer you need.

What is a Firewood Processor?

Firewood machines can use a hydraulic system that splits wood with precision and speed that using an axe alone just cannot compete with. Processors come in various sizes to accommodate your firewood needs and can even be custom designed.

Some are small enough to be used by a single person and easily towed behind a truck. Certain machines give you the freedom to program exact dimensions for the wood you need to split, allowing for optimal seasoning to occur.

Properly Seasoned Wood

All wood seasons naturally through air drying as the moisture in the wood evaporates to reach equilibrium with the humidity in the surrounding environment. However, the amount of time it takes for wood to season can vary depending on size and time. For example, leaving a whole log to dry could take years.

Green wood can have a moisture content ranging from 45% to 200% depending on the type of wood. Ideally, your seasoned firewood will have a moisture content of 25%. Luckily, split wood seasons within months for optimum use as firewood that burns hot and without much smoke.

Avoid Burning Green, Unseasoned Wood

Without proper seasoning, firewood will contain moisture that will make your fire slow, and burn with less heat and more smoke. We have all experienced firewood that produces more smoke than flame, making it difficult to get your fire roaring strong.

The moisture in unseasoned wood means that your fire will not reach high heat levels for warmth or energy production. Likewise, the additional smoke is not only a personal hazard for eyes and lungs, but also contributes to build up in your fireplace flue and chimney, requiring extra cleaning or maintenance, which can be expensive.

Investing in a firewood processor can save you time and money for personal use, or help build your business for firewood sales. Your processor will help you produce more firewood, in exactly the size you need for proper seasoning and use. Using a firewood processing machine is also safer than using a chainsaw and axe as it allows you to stay at a safe distance from the wood being cut.

If you’re considering investing in a firewood machine, don’t hesitate to speak to your local firewood processor manufacturers.

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