Cord King Co-op Students

Cord King in the Community

We have always been a big supporter of St. Luke Catholic High School’s Cooperative Education Program.

In the past four years, we’ve had two great students Liam McInnis and Morgan Coughlin as co-op students. We’re happy to have Liam now working with our team as a practicing apprentice and full-time employee. Morgan has been co-oping with us for the past two months and hopes to one day follow in Liam’s footsteps and join us as an apprentice.

We’re so happy to have coordinated this program with Dave Scattolon and the St. Luke staff. We know it has been a great opportunity for the students to use their young minds as well as for us here at Cord King to welcome new hard-working members to our team.

Cord King Co-op studentFrom Liam: “Doing co-op here is a learning experience and to show you are capable of doing anything. What I like most about doing co-op here is working with the guys, learning different things and showing you know what to do. Cord King gave me the motivation to work hard and has given me a full-time job.”

Cord King Co-op StudentFrom Morgan: “Doing co-op at Cord King has given me confidence, let me learn different skills and has given me a part time job once I am out of school and as I learn more I am hoping for full time. The guys here at Cord King treat me like one of them. They have given me a chance like no one else would.”

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