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How Firewood Processing and Burning Can Be Beneficial For Homeowners and The Environment

Fireplaces are an exceptional heating source for homes, giving off warmth and providing a comforting atmosphere. Do you have a fireplace, or are you considering installing one? If so, there are many benefits to using firewood as a heating source for your home. And firewood that is supplied by sustainable firewood processing practices is a responsible heating option.

Environmental Benefits

There are noteworthy environmental benefits to burning firewood, especially if the firewood was supplied by sustainable firewood processing practices. By sourcing firewood from maintenance crews or woodworkers, you can use firewood that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Firewood can also be clean-burning if treated properly. Dry timber is a common firewood that is clean-burning so it won’t pollute the air when burned in fireplaces. To obtain dry timber with firewood processing, make sure to let it dry for a while to ensure minimal moisture and smoke when burning.

Burning wood from sustainable forestry and firewood suppliers is usually carbon neutral. This means less energy was used to process the wood. Firewood has a much smaller carbon footprint compared to burning coal and oil that are normally used to supply energy for many electric home heating systems.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Homeowners who burn firewood during cold weather save a significant amount on electricity and gas bills because they are not solely relying on their furnaces or electric baseboard heaters to heat their homes. Electric baseboard heating is an expensive home heating source, so by reducing electricity consumption by burning firewood, homeowners won’t be surprised and upset by high heating bills.

Improve Home Comfort

Burning firewood reduces the need for electrical heating in your home. You can also heat your home even if the power goes out. This is especially important in the winter months. Storms can cut the power for days, leaving families, homes, and plumbing at risk of freezing. Not to mention you can cook over your fireplace if the power is out, or if you just feel like roasting food over a fire.

The warm, cozy atmosphere that fireplaces provide make for comfortable homes. They do this both physically—by providing heat—and emotionally—by giving off a soothing ambiance. Curl up next to your fireplace with a good book, drink, or loved one. This is a well known and relaxing way to spend some time.

Whether you have a fireplace inside or outside, you can entertain around your fireplace all year long. Outdoor fireplaces are great gathering spots for evenings with friends and family, and if it’s the middle of winter, you can still enjoy the outdoors without freezing.

When deciding on fireplaces and burning firewood, remember that responsible and sustainable firewood processing can supply environmentally-friendly firewood to improve the comfort of your home.

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