Braven movie poster featuring Jason Momoa.

The Real Star of Braven? Cord King’s CS27-40 Model 60!

Chances are you’re already familiar with Jason Mamoa. Whether from his work on Game of Thrones or his turn as Aquaman in Justice League, Momoa’s built a reputation with intense performances and a fun-loving offscreen life.

In fact, on late night TV, Momoa even revealed he’s pretty handy with throwing axes. That got the team at Cord King thinking… how would Jason Momoa cut firewood?

Turns out, he already has an answer!

Momoa’s action thriller Braven, which came out February 2018, features the actor in the titular role as Joe Braven, a logging company owner and family man caught up in a conflict with drug dealers and criminals.

Joe Braven’s firewood processor of choice, the Cord King CS27-40 Model 60, gets some screen time – and, with full respect to Jason Momoa, is the true star in our minds.

A big thank you to the production team on Braven for including a Cord King machine! Check out the trailer, catch the movie, and let us know what you think of Cord King’s star performance!

Photo credit: By Braven (Poster) CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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