Salon Bois Energie AlpExpo
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Cord King is excited to participate in the 2018 Salon Bois Energie AlpExpo in Grenoble, France! The expo will be split into two categories over the course of 4 days:

For Professionals

The Conference Program will be accessible to professionals on Thursday, March 15th, and Friday, March 16th.

Participate in debates and discussions on 15 topics over a 2-day period. Led by FIBOIS AuRA and CSBE (Comité Stratégique Bois Energie), CIBE, ADEME, CBQ+, Propellet, France Bois Bûche, and l’ONF.

*All conferences will be in French

For the General Public

On the weekend of March 17th and 18th, there will be an event open to the General Public: From the Forest to the Fire

This event will cover Domestic Heating, Outdoor Demonstrations, and Innovation Competition.

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