Dave posing in front of his birthday cake at Cord King.

Celebrating What Makes Cord King Such a Special Place to Work

A few weeks back, we took some time to celebrate a huge milestone: General Manager Dave Kravacek’s 55th birthday.

Jokes aside, though, Dave’s been with us since day one, and he’s always been a huge part of the company. We call him the “General Manager,” but if we’re being honest, that’s simplifying things and it’s just one part of what he does for Cord King. From sales to orders, hiring to product design, customer support to management, Dave has a hand in everything. He’s like a team dad, always ready to help, provide guidance and advice, and get the job done.

In fact, Dave’s a shining example of the kind of people we love to have as part of our team.

It’s people like that Dave and their dedication and passion that make Cord King such an amazing place to work. We’re a close-knit crew, working hard together to get the job done and out the door, making sure our customers get what they need when they need it. And when we do hit those big milestones, we’re always ready to celebrate together!

It’s not uncommon for everyone to gather up at the end of a long day and head out to unwind and relax. Just last year, our team started playing baseball together every other Friday after work. We invite family and friends to join us and make a night of it. We like to fire up the grill in the summer months, cooking up a meal for everyone in the middle of the workday

And when the weather’s colder, you can find us at the hockey rink, taking in a game and getting into the action.

Now that we think about it, “team” isn’t the right word – “family” is.

Happy Birthday, Dave, from all of us in the Cord King family!

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